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The Joomla CMS is a very popular content management system freely available on the internet.

The project has recently released version 1.5.18, an incremental release of its popular 1.5 version.


A new major release is in the pipeline, version 1.6, and is currently available on beta release.

Farbyte UK Joomla hosting servers will run Joomla without any issues and many customers use the system on our servers for CMS and eCommerce (using the free and impressive VirtueMart shopping cart add-on).

In addition, Farbyte ensures the security of Joomla installations on our infrastructure by running all customer accounts under their own user credentials on shared hosting & total user isolation on any of our Joomla VPS plans.

This also makes installation much simpler with no need to start changing file and folder permissions to 777, etc.

If possible, we recommend that you keep your Joomla installation up to date by upgrading to the latest version of Joomla as soon as a release is updated.

Joomla often provides security-related fixes within the updates, thus ensuring you have the latest version is your best defence against attacks directed at your website.

In addition, we suggest that you keep all your site extensions regularly updated for the same security reasons.

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