from £6.60 /mo!

Cloud VPS Hosting

UK OpenVZ & KVM virtual servers

Amazing Performance & Stability

Optane Caching

More than 300x faster storage.

Xeon CPU's

Powerful, enterprise processors.

CEPH Cluster

Triple replicated, cloud storage.

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Highly Available, Rapid Virtual Server Hosting

We use the best hardware & software, to ensure your virtual server hosting performs extremely fast & with rock solid reliability!

N+N Servers

Cloud based, multiple failover paths for all virtual server hosted services, ensuring maximum uptime.

Cloud RAID Storage

Triple replicated, distributed storage provides fast & resilient virtual server data storage, even in the event of multiple disk or server failures.


Enterprise level Error Correcting Code (ECC) RAM ensures virtual server system stability & integrity.

80Gbit Uplink

Multi-path 10GBit internet connectivity for lightening speed virtual server internet access & redundancy.

Redundant Power

Redundant power is employed at server, network, utility & reserve levels. There is no single point of power failure!

Xeon CPU's

Mission critical, powerful, enterprise grade Intel processors, with multiple cores ensure fast virtual server data processing.

N+1 Cooling

Data centre cooling is ensured even if multiple appliances fail or need servicing at the same time.

Fire Prevention

An advanced fire detection & waterless suppression system is employed throughout.

Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

Multi-path Network

Resilient connectivity to the internet.

High Availability

Automated virtual server fail over.

Redundant Power

No single point of power failure.

Unmanaged cloud VPS from £6.60 / month

Your own UK based OpenVZ container or KVM virtual server.
Located in Manchester on our highly available cloud infrastructure. Features:

  • Self administration
  • IPv4 & IPv6 internet addresses
  • FREE - internet bandwidth
  • triple replicated cloud storage
  • full administrator access
  • automated server failover
  • latest OpenVZ 7 & KVM platform
  • 99.99% uptime!

Unmanaged VPS

Huge Cloud Savings

With simple monthly billing & no surprises!

87.96% less

than AWS!

87.84% less

than Google Cloud

87.39% less

than Microsoft Azure

Managed cloud VPS from £26.60 / month

We take care of virtual server administration.
Includes all the benefits of our unmanaged virtual server with:

  • free server hardening
  • free firewall
  • OS updates
  • free hands on admin time
  • monitoring

Managed VPS

Choose A VPS platform:

KVM Cloud

Virtual data centre (IaaS)
  • Full hypervisor virtual machines
  • Per VPS firewall inc.
  • 1TB bandwidth inc.
  • Snapshots (optional)
  • Private VLAN (optional)
  • Linux, BSD & Windows OS

from £8.75 / month

OpenVZ Cloud

Linux containers
  • OpenVZ containers
  • 500GB bandwidth inc.
  • 1x public IPv4 inc. (max 6 / VPS)
  • Reduced RAM usage per VPS
  • Lower entry price
  • Linux OS only
  • Full root

from £6.60 / month

Secure, Reliable UK Servers

Rapid deployment, high performance, Linux virtual private servers.

Full Admin

Complete control

Instant Setup

Ready in 60 seconds

Control Panel

Easy GUI VPS management

Dedicated UK IPs

Our own UK geolocated IPs
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Managed WordPress VPS

Secure UK based, WordPress virtual server hosting with adjustable dedicated RAM, storage & CPU resources to your specification.

WordPress VPS

Drupal virtual servers

Enjoy complete security & resource isolation for your Drupal websites. With fully adjustable storage, CPU & RAM resources to suit your needs.

Drupal VPS

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cPanel cloud virtual machines:
from £21.60 / month

Includes cPanel license & free installation by our trained staff.

cPanel VPS

OpenVPN cloud VPS:
from £6.60 / month

Ready to go UK based, private OpenVPN virtual servers.


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Ecommerce VPS

Virtual machines with dedicated, secure resources for e-commerce hosting solutions.

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