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Unmanaged OpenSUSE VPS

You administer the infrastructure
  • Lower cost
  • Total control
  • Full admin access

from £6.60 / month

Managed OpenSUSE VPS

We administer the infrastructure
  • 1-hour admin / month
  • Server hardening
  • On-going updates
  • Monitoring & alerts
  • + more

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What is OpenSUSE?

OpenSUSE was formerly known as SUSE Linux & SUSE Linux Professional

The projects focuses on creating open source tools for systems administrator & software developers.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is the rolling release version which is continuously updated with stable packages.

Maintaining OpenSUSE?

The main software package manager for OpenSUSE is YaST (Yet another Setup Tool).

It can be used from a GUI or console, such as an SSH session to your virtual machine.

YaST is however more than just a tool for installing & configuring software.

It can also be used for configuring disk partitions, networking & firewalls.

How can I use OpenSUSE?

OpenSUSE is a full featured Linux distribution & as such is suitable for most business use cases.

You can use it as a web, database, email server, etc. without any issues.

How is OpenSUSE Linux supported?

Operating System support for OpenSUSE can be found via their website

At Farbyte we can also provide managed vps services which eliminate the need for OpenSUSE support services.

Other Linux VPS

Aside from OpenSUSE, your virtual server can be deployed with many Linux operating systems , such as:

These can be either managed or unmanaged!


OpenSUSE VPS hosting can be billed at every 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 month periods.


At Farbyte we have built a strong reputation for being one of the most reliable hosting service providers in the UK.

Since 2006 we've been hosting client websites and have never suffered from a major outage. There are very few other web hosting service providers that can state that.

Our web services are custom designed by Farbyte engineers to offer the best performance and availability for any budget.

All Farbyte OpenSUSE VPS hosting services are located in Manchester, UK.

No, there are no contracts. You can stop using your service at any time you like.

As a full RIPE member, we own our IP address ranges which are all geo-located exactly where are servers are... in the UK!

No problem. Please contact us, or chat to us!

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