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For many of us the hosting behind our websites can feel unimportant compared to the content and structure of the site itself. The temptation is to settle hastily on a bulk value hosting provider with whom there is little contact, or scope for assistance.

Discovering Farbyte has totally changed my perception of what hosting can be. Mark and his team migrated my site along with multiple domains and email hosting accounts in a matter of hours. It went from being a dis-jointed patchwork of settings to a streamlined system: where Mark found misconfigured or surplus data, it was replaced with a cohesive structure. The access speed of my site more than doubled too.

The technical support that I had experienced from my previous hosting company was slow, ineffectual and shared out over many third-party and disinterested agents. Mark and his team kept a tight focus on what the desired outcome was, where adjustments were needed and how the service could be kept alive with minimal disruption. I was updated throughout and provided with clear explanations of the processes being applied.

Top hosting, fair price and superb technical skills - I cannot recommend Farbyte highly enough.

Phil Anley, Managing Director, Flickernet Ltd.

Having used a variety of web hosts who turned out to be less than helpful or reliable, I researched online for a reliable UK based host with UK servers.

Farbyte has proved an excellent choice, their support level has been above and beyond expectation (thank you Mark) and extremely fast.

If you are looking for a reliable service with great support and a company that cares about their customers, look no further you have found it.

Dave, www.property-bulgaria.co.uk

After many years with other hosts, I have settled on Farbyte because of their stability, and notably their one-to-one sales and technical support.

This is vital in maintaining a credible hosting service with my own clients.

I know that any problem that I have on the servers, - usually self-inflicted! - I can trust Farbyte to sort it out quickly and efficiently.

Mark and his team do absolutely fantastic work.

Tim Kirby

Farbyte have provided me with a robust, cost effective and professional hosting solution, that allows me to host small company site through to large scale eCommerce sites.

Their customer service is second to none, I have recommended them as the only hosting company I would work with, 10/10.

Haydyn Phillips, UX/UI Designer

Over the last 15 years I have hosted with four different hosting companies and when I looked for a fifth due to rising costs and bad service, I came across Farbyte, being a relative unknown within the hosting world I couldn't fault them on cost to start with, so I transferred just one domain, which went smoothly, there were a few teething problems with outages (Ed: in the days of non-redundant upstream network providers), but not the fault of Farbyte, they were very professional and they made sure that the problem was dealt with quickly and I have never had any other problems.

The service from Farbyte staff has really amazed me, the reaction to an email with support or otherwise has been within an hour of emailing or filling a support ticket, I have a reply with a complete and constructive answer.

Having previously been with one of the largest UK hosting company's, this was not only refreshing, it also allowed me to carry on working on projects, I would email and after a cup of coffee I have a reply and I am working again.

The control panel, is packed with everything that a domain owner or developer could want, along with FREE software for almost every web developing requirement, with easy install of software, databases and content management, even if you are new to hosting, the control panel is so straight forward that you would have no problem setting up email accounts, sub-domains or databases.

I have advised four businesses large and small to change their hosting to Farbyte which they have done and are extremely happy with the cost, support and the ease of operation.

In these days of raising cost, everyone looks to economise and with Farbyte you cannot go wrong with a range of low cost packages, free software, dedicated IP, anti-spam software with fast, efficient support and much more, the internet becomes your world.

Peter Neve, www.rainbow-photography.net

I first found Farbyte when I was looking for great price, fabulous value for that price and terrific customer service that would complement those offerings.

Customer service: This falls high on my needs and expectations when I buy services from a hosting company and I am delighted with my experience at Farbyte.

Majid Hajian

I previously had servers with another service provider and unfortunately I encountered several bad experiences with them. A friend of mine asked if I had tried "Farbyte" and I never had heard of this company before, but my initial thoughts of the website made me decide to give them a go.

I am not really sure what I can say has impressed me most about the service that Farbyte provides, well if I said everything maybe you think I'm over exaggerating, but as a lead PHP/MySQL developer of a open source project I use my servers on a day to day basis, so for availability I would give a 10/10.

The price of the servers are very reasonable, and I doubt you could get the same level of support anywhere.

I feel very happy at Farbyte, the support response time has always been great and further more it is always great to know that you will be working with a team that speaks the same language, so their is never a breakdown in communication.

People always say if you do not buy a ticket then you will not win the raffle, and I'm saying if you do not choose Farbyte you may encounter bad services like I have in the past.

Lee Howarth, Administrator / Developer

I selected Farbyte hosting service because it looked like it had very good prices for what you got. I think Farbyte is also very flexible. They respond to tickets very quickly, and definitely know what they are doing.

What has most impressed me about Farbyte is what I get. I have 2GB of memory and a VERY good processor, all for very cheap! Also they are very supportive and know what they are doing. You get a lot for your money.

If someone was on the fence about whether to work with Farbyte or not, I would tell them of what you get, that you get a lot of technical help, and its all for a VERY good price.

Really, to summarise, they give you a lot for your money, and are very helpful, and I would fully recommend them to any customer.

Joe Thorpe

I searched for hosting on Google, Farbyte had what I needed, website seemed solid and attractive, affordable service price. Then I read some reviews, everyone said it's very good so i decided to buy hosting here :)

I would advise you to work with Farbyte, because it has all that hosting features clients might need.

Testimonial message could sound like this: "I would never have done it alone without such excellent support". (and that's true) :)

Ignas Narbutas, Tiny Paradise

The service is excellent, great access to my websites, excellent support if any problems. I would have no problems at all recommending Farbyte. Farbyte was my second server but have had no problems at all. I was quite new to website designing and the support I have been given is second to none, I have advised many people to use Farbyte and will continue to do so.

Tom Harris, Elite Web Design

After seeking on-line advice and reviews, then narrowing the options to three, the Farbyte service was recommended to me by a colleague.

The on-line facilities are very impressive, the set-up is secure and monitored, but the most impressive part of the Farbyte service is the support team, the support team have always been more than willing to assist, advise and work with me to allow me to provide a good on-line presence.

All of the above and the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Thanks Farbyte!

Séamus, Croí Éanna

I selected Farbyte as my VPS provider as I felt it was the only provider that could meet my needs in terms of speed, stability and most of all reliability. Having been with Farbyte for some time now, I can honestly say that they have filled every one of these requirements.

The one thing that has most stood out about Farbyte is the level of customer service I have received, any issues have been promptly resolved.

Having been with many providers in the past, it's always very difficult to find one that ticks all the right boxes. Farbyte not only have a solid infrastructure they provide 1st class customer services. If you’re looking for peace of mind and great performance I highly recommend Farbyte.

Govinder Mudhar

After hosting my websites with many US, UK and Dutch hosting companies, I came across Farbyte about 7 months ago. I choose Farbyte because they offered a great service and charged less than the competition. At first I was unsure as I had not heard of them before, but now I am a convinced, fully satisfied customer and I would advise every potential client to try Farbyte.

In these 7 months I needed technical help many times and every time, again and again, Farbyte helpdesk answered my questions and solved my problems very quickly. Many times they took care of my problems even before I contacted their helpdesk!

And how many times they helped me with problems they didn’t have to help me with, without extra charge... So, I’d say go for it, try Farbyte and you won’t be sorry.

Amir Karic

Great VPS service, by the way! :) In the last 48 hours one of my Wordpress websites received more than 220,000 page loads and more than 100,000 unique visits, because of the iPhone 5 launch and there was no problem with the VPS service.


I was looking for an AWS style setup which would let me start with a low cost solution with the ability to grow when required. Farbyte's monthly plans offer fixed price with the same flexibility as AWS (Amazon Web Services), without the complexity of setup and without the uncertainty of monthly cost.

I am most happy with the speed and reliability, my server was available immediately, and has remained stable, reboots quickly etc. Everything is exactly as promised.

If you are looking for well priced hosting with a good spec bandwidth and diskspace, Farbyte is Farbetter than AWS or any of it's competitors.

Thomas Saunders, SetZero

The consistency of service has been most impressive. The server doesn't come to its knees or fall over randomly like I've seen with some other hosts... I guess it does exactly what it says on the label.

The second thing that I love about Farbyte is that I can forget you exist... I trust that the server is up and running and fine, and the only time I hear from you is either when I contact you, or if I forget to pay my invoice!

There when I need you, not pestering me when I don't - just how I like it.

I have a handful of other VPS/VDS with various hosts at the moment, but when I'm asked where I get my VPS hosting from, I do genuinely answer Farbyte. The other hosts are all OK, but I know that if I send someone to Farbyte I'm not going to get any hassle from them later down the line.


I have used other well known hosts with all kinds of issues. I'm yet to have any issues and the support here is the best.

I would recommend Farbyte over anyone out there, I have used dedicated servers, VPS, you name it and I will definitely be sticking with Farbyte as long as they keep me.

David Smith

Farbyte provided the most reasonably priced UK based VPS package that we could find. On-line support was incredibly swift, even outside usual office hours.

Farbyte has provided a completely transparent and hassle free hosting experience so we've been able to get on with product development.

Richard Thomas, itamus.com

I was recommended by a colleague at work. I work on a technical support desk and had been using a cheaper server hosted in America. However due to the higher latency and the support teams not being available with the difference in time zone I was after something hosted in the UK and take the hit of the extra cost. To my surprise the package I am on now is very comparable to the US provider and is cheaper with Farbyte, win win. I am now in the process of moving the services over to this server and will be cancelling the US server.

I've been most impressed with only needing to contact the support teams once and having my query answered first time within a couple of hours. You hopefully never have the need to contact support, but when you do, speaking to someone who knows what they are talking about is a dream.

Farbyte are by far the most reliable, competitively priced, efficient and passionate hosting company I have dealt with in some time. If you need a proper hosting company then Farbyte is the first choice.

Thanks guys and keep up the great work :-)

Russell Pearce

I selected Farbyte as my hosting provider because they offered a small server for a small price and are based in the UK. It was exactly what I wanted, then within the first 3 weeks I upgraded :)

The thing that has most impressed me so far is the response times to support emails. I've only sent one, but had a reply in about 10-15 mins and the issue was resolved almost immediately. Thanks

I would tell any potential Farbyte client to go for it. The lower spec VPS's are cheap and you can cancel with no contract. No risk except one month's bill.

Lee Unsworth

Our reason for choosing Farbyte as our VPS provider is due to previous dealings with providers in the East of Europe have proven to be unreliable, poor service and a grab the cash and run type of operation.

We moved our operations to firstly a company based in Germany who proved to be great and professional in all aspects of service. So when we researched our VPS requirements for a UK based VPS we came up with your company and to date have to compliment yourselves for a truly efficient and professional attitude.

No hesitation in recommending you to other users!

Rick Schulman, Netmedix UK Ltd

I was looking to streamline all my hosting needs into one easy to manage VPS solution. Upon searching around I found Farbyte from various recommendations and reviews. The features and pricing are very competitive, one of the best around with little to no competition with the same or similar spec VPS from other providers.

Having purchased the server it was ready to use almost instantly. I had a good experience with the support team helping me with all my setup queries and tasks. Good to know that somebody is there to help you should you require it.

After some time in using my VPS I can agree like some of the other testimonials that reliability and uptime are 100% perfect with absolutely no hiccups or stability issues.

Overall Farbyte is an excellent choice for those looking for a VPS solution and I would highly recommend them. No need to search for a good provider because without a doubt Farbyte is the best.

Dominic Taylor, yoba.co.uk

I selected Farbyte purely on the basis of price and what you get in the package. I've come into this with my eyes wide open, I've worked in the internet and telecoms sector for over twelve years and I certainly wasn't expecting enterprise class service at the price point you were offering, but I have both been surprised and impressed.

I use the VPS for a mix of web and mail hosting, I host a few personal web sites and some small business sites for friends and family plus several email domains. I opted for a VPS solution to consolidate a number of shared hosting packages and a dedi server I used to host with my previous employer.

If you are in the market for hosting and you need more flexibility than shared web space, but don't want the cost of a dedi server then please give Farbyte a go. This won't be the best solution for every problem and if you are looking for hosting for line of business or mission critical hosting, then please talk to them first and discuss your requirements.

Rob Watson

After searching the web for a VPS provider I found a couple of forum posted messages of customers that were happy with their services and especially satisfied with the cost/quality ratio. I was sceptical but because the services were well under the current market prices I said to myself to give it a try. Been happy with that decision since I created my account and discovered a great support team, a well designed control panel, a lot of functionality and exceptional uptime.

I believe that speed remains one of the strong points of Farbyte, should you ever need to recreate your environment you can deploy a new instance in less than 2 minutes at any moment without needing help from anyone. The "control panel" provides access to all the necessary tools for the process.

I would recommend to give Farbyte hosting a try, I believe they can address clients within a large spectrum of requirements, starting from beginner enthusiasts to professionals in need of quality hosting services.

Considering Farbyte’s service quality I am sure that anyone trying their services will have a hard time finding reasons to migrate to other hosting providers.

Sorescu Mihail Sorin

I was convinced to try Farbyte after reading the comments of several satisfied customers online, I have not been disappointed.

The service is fast and up-time is excellent. After my previous bad experience with a major hosting provider, Farbyte was a breath of fresh air. I have recommended Farbyte to others as their products represent excellent value whilst still retaining a high quality of service.

Gareth Jordan

Q: Why did you select Farbyte as your hosting provider?
David: After shopping around you had the best products and services for the best price.

Q: What has most impressed you about Farbyte so far?
David: The customer service, it is fast, reliable and the attendants are polite and educated in the field.

Q. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Farbyte or not, what would you say to them?
David: That you should sign up, they are the best hosting company I have dealt with, quality service, amazing price and very good company all round.

David, Total Cubicle Solutions

Very impressed with the support at Farbyte. I was looking for a server that was based in the UK, had cPanel and all the latest bells and whistles. I simply searched online for a UK based company that met my needs.

After some initial consultations regarding what I needed to run all my websites I was pleased to get some very clear and honest advice. I do not have any knowledge what so ever regarding hosting so it is really important for me to have a team behind me that is fair and will not sell you add-ons you do not need.

Farbyte have understood my needs and have been very helpful whenever I have needed support. I have already recommended them to some of my friends and colleagues.

Mark Hammond, Director, Pick'N'Click Limited

A friend recommended them (Farbyte) as cheap and decent. I trusted my friend and needed to setup hosting fast.

I managed to go from 'my old hosting lost my VM' to 'my sites back up' inside of 30 minutes and that included the time it took to buy, spin up and configure the box. When they had to setup Webmin manually as part of my install i had a ticket instantly, politely asking if they could work on the box. I'd been a customer for only a few minutes and they were already prompt and courteous.

I work with some large hosting companies in my work who charge premium prices for far worse service. This is premium service for a budget price.

Leon Gregory

1. The services they offer look great and they are based in the UK

2. The speed of my website is quick and the support is amazing! 100 out of 10

3. I have personally tried the rest and now they should join me with the best! No need to go anywhere else!

4. Wish I could rebrand and resell accounts! :D

James Fouracre, Expert Tech

We selected Farbyte as our hosting provider because of the endless good reviews and great price plan. Since being with Farbyte everything has been running smoothly and any support requests we do make are always dealt with promptly.

It's because of this professional customer service that we can trust Farbyte as our hosting provider for all the business needs that we require.

I would highly recommend Farbyte to any of our clients looking for a stable and professional hosting provider.

David Robinson, Domino Security

I originally selected Farbyte to host my business idea because they were a UK option within my budget.

I had no great expectations of them, so I was pleasantly surprised when they rescued me from my own blunders, quickly, patiently and politely.

As a result I’ve recently updated my package with them for some personal hosting to mess about with while I should be progressing my business idea.

Jim McNeill, world-famous app designer and service provider (someday)

Having been with Farbyte for many years now I could not trust any other company to handle my five domains and at a cost which is very affordable.

Support if needed comes with a wealth of experience, with speed, with limited down time if any.

If you are looking for company that doesn't throw limited time offers at you, but with a service that is second to none then Farbyte is the Hosting company that wins hands down, and don't forget the wide range of free software which will make your site run even smoother for you.

Do it you won't regret it, its well worth it.

Pete, www.highland-scene.com

Very pleased with Farbyte support so far. Just needed email server for a sub-set of email names with domain name/DNS provided by a different company and web site hosted with another company.

This made things much more complicated than would normally be the case.

I ran a number of trials and tests before the switch over date and I received lots of help and advice from the guys at Farbyte.

So far none of our staff or customers have complained or noticed any difference, which is the perfect result!

Thx guys, I would recommend.

Rich, orielsystems.com (Wiltshire, UK)