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Farbyte was established in 2006 as an independent, UK hosting provider.

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How We Came To Be

In early 2006, Farbyte's founder, Mark was tired with the poor reliability, support & performance provided by many of the website hosting companies in the UK & abroad.

Having experienced numerous disappointments over the years with web hosting companies both large & small, he decided enough was enough.

With over 20 years experience in designing & supporting highly available enterprise solutions for the UK government, banks & other commercial enterprises, Mark set about designing a reliable, affordable web hosting solution, for customers without huge corporate or government budgets.

As such, Farbyte web hosting solutions was formed in 2006. Initially, Mark leased servers from data centres in the UK & a better web hosting service for all web masters was born!

Unfortunately, the reliance on these 3rd party providers proved to be a stumbling block in creating the perfect web hosting solution Mark was looking for.

Therefore, in 2010 we deployed our own cloud infrastructure for all Farbyte hosted services.

With full control over the architecture, extensive use of open source software, complete ownership of the servers & network equipment, Farbyte has no reliance on 3rd parties like AWS, Google, Microsoft, etc.

An added benefit of this, was that we could now offer cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to our clients, whom also benefited from this industry leading architecture & privacy.

We're happy to say that the performance & reliability of our hosting platform, combined with our exceptional support, has gained us an enviable reputation & loyal following of many happy clients worldwide.

Hosting Services

based on 4 simple principles:

1. Security

Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention & Detection Systems (IPS), 24/7 security personnel & malware / virus scanning.

2. Performance

80Gbit internet backbone connection. Enterprise server hardware with SSD storage.

3. Reliability

Redundant power & cooling with N+1 infrastructure architecture throughout. Automated fire detection & suppression.

4. Affordability

Amazing, low prices on web, email & VPS hosting. Great prices for domains & SSL services.

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RIPE Member

Farbyte is a member of the RIPE Network Coordination Centre, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.

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UK Location

Our hosting is located in Manchester, with a UK based IP address space that we own & administer.

We own our cloud server infrastructure & have no reliance on other providers like AWS, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Support Experts

Trained, high skilled support staff that go the extra mile for our clients.


Secure ticket system, used for all sensitive data.



Instant, real time support from trained staff.


Knowledge Base

Indexed & searchable support article repository.


"Farbyte has proved an excellent choice, their support level has been above and beyond expectation (thank you Mark) and extremely fast."