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Forked from OwnCloud in 2016, NextCloud is an excellent option for deploying your own secure cloud collaboration platform.

NextCloud has file sharing & synchronisation from multiple devices, similar to services like Dropbox & Google Drive, but private & more secure.

Secure voice, text & video calls are also built-in, with the ability to invite guest users via a project room specific URL.

Running a private NextCloud server ensures that your information is not analysed by data mining companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. when using their services.

Some feature include:

  • Easy file sharing
  • Centralised backup of your files
  • Multiple device support (desktop, phone, etc.)
  • Automated file & folder synchronisation
  • Group communication (text, video & audio)
  • Shared & private calendars/contacts
  • Send & receive email


Software is available for most devices, for example Windows, Linux, iOS & Android.

Huge Cloud Savings

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Rapid NextCloud Deployment

Zero hardware to buy, maintain & repair.

NextCloud deployed in minutes, not days or weeks!

Individual Firewalls

Every NextCloud server comes with an enterprise grade firewall.


Point-in-time collaboration server copies!

Private VLAN

Secure, unmetered server-to-server network.

Enterprise Security

Deploy a public security gateway (VPN, firewall, IPS).

OpenSense & pfSense images available.

"a low cost solution with the ability to grow"

Thomas Saunders, SetZero

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from £8.75 / month

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"their support level has been above & beyond expectation"

Dave, www.property-bulgaria.co.uk

Cloud Collaboration Advantages

Compared to co-located & on-premise server hardware:

Reduced Costs

No infrastructure & less staff

Increased Reliability

N+N clustered cloud

Instant Scalability

On-demand infrastructure

Virtual Infrastructure Benefits

Farbyte's cloud virtual server service dramatically reduces costs compared on-premise & co-located server solutions.

In addition, our UK cloud services cost only around 10% of other cloud providers like AWS, Azure & Google Cloud!

There are no hardware devices to purchase, maintain, configure & upgrade.

All VPS can be administered remotely, from anywhere in the world, eliminating the associated costs & lost productivity of site visits.

With triple replication of all data & multiple failover paths, our cloud infrastructure provides a more reliable platform than dedicated or on-premise solutions & at a fraction of the cost!

"the only hosting company I would work with, 10/10."

Haydyn Phillips, UX/UI Designer

Client Reviews

"... compliment yourselves for a truly efficient and professional attitude."

Rick Schulman, Netmedix UK Ltd

"... great support and a company that cares about their customers, look no further..."

Dave, www.property-bulgaria.co.uk

"If you’re looking for peace of mind and great performance I highly recommend Farbyte."

Govinder Mudhar

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Russell Pearce


NextCloud server hosting can be billed at every 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 month periods.

Yes, if needed, we can help setting up any of your servers.

We can also provide support for other infrastructure servers (e.g. PBX, database, etc.).

With our cloud service you have the flexibility of creating full virtual server point-in-time snapshots (including the current contents of RAM if required).

This allows you to roll back your entire server to the moment you took the snapshot.

In addition, we recommend that you deploy a backup server solution within your virtual private cloud (e.g. FreeNAS), or at another remote location.

Yes, we include support for your cloud account.


At Farbyte we have built a strong reputation for being one of the most reliable hosting service providers in the UK.

Since 2006 we've been hosting client websites and have never suffered from a major outage. There are very few other web hosting service providers that can state that.

Our web services are custom designed by Farbyte engineers to offer the best performance and availability for any budget.

All Farbyte NextCloud hosting services are located in Manchester, UK.

No, there are no contracts. You can stop using your service at any time you like.

As a full RIPE member, we own our IP address ranges which are all geo-located exactly where are servers are... in the UK!

No problem. Please contact us, or chat to us!

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