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Drupal is an excellent all round content management system (CMS) that can adapt to just about anything you want it to do.

We've been hosting Drupal for some time here at Farbyte and thought we would share our top 5 Drupal themes, in no particular order, for you to take  a look at.

ZEN logo1. ZEN

Not really a self contained theme, but billed at 'the ultimate starting theme' by its developers, it certainly can save quite a lot of time if you are developing you own theme. ZEN is very well commented and, therefore, also provides an excellent resource for anybody wanting to learn Drupal theme development.

There are versions available for Drupal 5, 6 and 7.

Marinelli screenshot

2. Marinelli

A 3 column layout with a nice fresh look. We think this theme would make a nice base for an Ubercart ecommerce site. Mega drop down menus are also built into the theme, saving you some time messing around with CSS, javascript and/or Simple Menus.

The theme is currently available for Drupal 6, with the Drupal 7 version available on beta.

 BlogBuzz screenshot3. BlogBuzz

Nice clean, bright, CSS based theme with multiple colour options undergoing active development. There are two theme versions v1 and v2, our favourite here is v2.

Currently available for Drupal 6 with the Drupal 7 version having reached release candidate 2 stage.

BlueMaster drupal theme screenshot4. BlueMasters

A very vivid theme, enabling great contrast between site content and the theme itself, this theme makes a great starting point for any website.

BlueMasters also has JS Slideshow built-in and a 2-column layout for the sites inner pages.

Currently available for versions 6 and 7 of Drupal.

Drupal Analytic theme screenshot5. Analytic

Excellent theme well suited to blogs, news sites and online communities. The layout is quite wide, being 1024 pixels by default, which some may find to be too wide.

Currently available for Drupal 6, with the Drupal 7 version in development.

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