Do Farbyte Block Ports To VPS?

We do not block outgoing ports from your VPS.

However, some commonly abused bot / hacker incoming ports may be blocked in order to protect your server from abuse.
We only block ports that can be easily moved by simple configuration changes on the VPS (e.g. MySQL / MariaDB remote access port 3306).

If you are having issues connecting to any port on your VPS you should first ensure that there is a daemon listening on the port.
This can be verified by using netstat to verify there is a daemon listening on the port & telnet to connect to the port in question.

For example:
netstat -napt
telnet [your-vps-ip] [port]

In addition, you should also ensure there are no firewall rules on your VPS which are blocking the port in question.

If you are still having problems connecting, or feel that we may be blocking the incoming port, please open a ticket with Support & we'll look at making an exception, or helping with VPS configuration changes.

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