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As you may already know, the public IPv4 address space is almost completely depleted and as such there is a worldwide shortage of IPv4 addresses to use on the internet.

Due to this, the organisation that regulates the IP allocations for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia (RIPE), has set out guidelines for the allocations of any IPv4 addresses.
As a member of RIPE, Farbyte must abide by these guidelines in order to help ensure that IPv4 addresses are not being wasted within our infrastructure.

We will issue further IPv4 addresses to users based in the following guidelines:

  1. You are actively using 80% or greater of your current IPv4 allocation.
  2. Your current allocation is being used to its capacity and not being wasted (e.g. not a single website on each allocated IP for vanity purposes, etc.)
  3. There is no technical solution that could effectively negate the requirement for the additional IPv4 allocation (i.e. name based website hosting, etc.)


As a member of RIPE, Farbyte has a full /32 allocation of IPv6 addresses and there are currently no RIPE restrictions on issuing additional IPv6 addresses to VPS.
Thus, you simply need to apply for your allocation as detailed below.

Request Procedure

Please bear in mind the above guidelines before requesting additional IP addresses and ensure you provide details of your intended use for the additional allocation.
All allocation requests should be placed via our support ticket system, which Farbyte clients can access by logging in at farbyte.uk

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