Free Website Transfer Service

For All Web Hosting Accounts!

Free Transfer Overview

Every shared website hosting plan comes with at least one free website move/transfer.

Some of the larger plans come with multiple free website transfers!

All website moves are performed by Farbyte’s experienced & professional staff, who will do all the work involved in transferring your website from your current host to our hosting service for you.

You won’t need to lift a finger!

We’ll transfer all your website files, database & emails to our hosting service completely free of charge.

Every website move is carried out during out of hours periods (e.g. after 6 PM UK time) & with zero downtime, thus ensuring that your site has maximum availability during the move to its new home.

How Are Websites Moved / Transferred?

How we move your website depends upon your current hosting situation & your website structure.

Prior to moving the site, we’ll perform a full technical evaluation to ensure a smooth transition.

If your current hosting provider uses the same control panel as us (i.e cPanel), we'll use the backup & restore features of cPanel to do the website move.

If however, you're using another control at the moment, we’ll use various tools to backup your website files, database & emails to perform the website transfer.

The only update to your domain DNS will be a change to your domain name server settings. This is a very simple change & we can perform that for you too if needed… just let us know!

Change Web Hosting, But Keep Your Domain Name!

Your domain name will stay exactly as it is now & people will access the website just like they do now.

The only thing that changes is the servers that host your website data.

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Website Transfer vs Domain Transfers?

A website transfer is where your website data is moved to another server or hosting service.

A domain transfer is when you change the domain registrar for your domain name.

The two are easily confused, but here we are talking about website transfers. We also provide domain name transfers if needed.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

Before transferring your website, we prepare the domain to ensure zero / minimal downtime.

In addition, we can perform the transfer out of normal UK business hours on request.

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How Do I Request A Website Move?

After ordering a new shared hosting plan from Farbyte’s website, you will receive your support & billing login details.

Simply log in to the client area & open a new ticket with details of what website/s you want moving.

We’ll then ask for the information we need, such as account login credentials, etc. & take over from there!

How Many Websites Will Farbyte Transfer?

This normally depends on the hosting plan you have with us.

Each plan has a defined number of free website transfers.

However, if your hosting plan doesn’t come with enough free moves for your needs, please get in touch with us & we’ll see what we can do!