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Taking a snapshot of your Farbyte KVM server is easy & can be done in under a minute.

This is a great tool for preserving the state of your servers before doing any maintenance or updates.

To perform a snapshot:

  1. Login to your Farbyte account at https://farbyte.uk
  2. Click on your Cloud KVM IaaS service
  3. Click the name of the server or the manage button of the server you want to snapshot
  4. Under the Additional Tools menu, click the Snapshots option
  5. Click the Take Snapshot button
  6. In the Take Snapshot dialogue that appears, give the snapshot a Name (no spaces, alphanumeric only) & Description (full text)
    KVM take snapshot box
  7. Tick the Include RAM option if you also want to snapshot the current RAM contents
  8. Click the Take Snapshot button


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