Holidays Majorca Case Study

Holidays Majorca is a website providing information for holidaymakers bound for the Spanish island of Majorca.

At the time of migration to Farbyte web hosting service, the website had around 100 articles featuring resort guides, recipes & general information that visitors to the island may find useful before & during their stay there.

Previous to hosting with Farbyte, Holidays Majorca hosted their website with a 3rd party & was plagued with downtime & poor performance.

Farbyte migrated the  Holidays Majorca WordPress based website from its old hosting environment in less than a couple of hours, without any downtime by our experienced engineers.

Utilising Farbyte’s highly available infrastructure with triple replicated cloud storage, Holidays Majorca have now enjoyed 100% uptime since the migration.

In addition, thanks to Farbyte's excellent network peering & latest technology like Intel Optane storage, performance has improved significantly.

Pages that previously took more than 5 seconds to load are now loading in less than a second!

Holidays Majorca have since confirmed that the site has enjoyed increased traffic since the migration & believes that some of these gains are due to the improvement in performance & availability afforded by Farbyte’s web hosting infrastructure.

24/7/365 performance monitoring was implemented by Farbyte giving Holidays Majorca the peace of mind they needed to start moving forward with the website.

So what has made Farbyte stand out for Holidays Majorca?

Paul Kay, Holidays Majorca owner & author:

Moving to Farbyte has been a great decision. With the previous web host we were getting lots of time where the site wasn’t online for one reason or another. This caused problems with search engines like Google. The other major benefit was the decrease in the time it takes for pages to load for website visitors. Previously, there were multiple pages on the site that were taking ages to load. With the recent updates from Google search ranking based around the relative performance of websites this metric had to be improved! Thankfully, hosting with Farbyte seems to have solved this problem. I’m also very happy with the quick & in-depth support received so far.