Server Security Hardening

prevention, detection & alerting!

Hardening Overview

Securing your server or virtual private server (VPS) is now more important than ever before, with an increasing online army of attackers.

Not only does hardening the server help to protect valuable data and prevent service interruption, but also helps to greatly reduce wasted resources such as CPU, memory and bandwidth, ensuring better performance from your current hardware.

Software Firewall

A powerfull & highly flexible software firewall will be installed.

Intrusion Prevention & Detection

Intrusion, Prevention & Detection software setup to monitor your server 24/7/365.

Rack with blue server lights

Reduced Attack Surface

Reduction of private & publicly accessible services.

Application Firewall

Intelligent application level firewall rules applied.

Camera watching below fence

Intrusion Prevention & Detection (IPDS)

We will install and configure an intrusion prevention and detection system onto your server ensuring that alerts are sent to you via email for the following, and:

  • unauthorised attempts to access the server are blocked
  • suspicious processes will be tracked
  • port scanning is blocked
  • root account modification is tracked


A software firewall will be installed and configured for TCP and UDP on the server ensuring that only the necessary ports are open for both IPv4 and IPv6.

It will also be configured to block known dangerous network packets.

In addition, the firewall will be configured to rate limit incoming and outgoing ICMP related requests.

Wall on fire - firewall
Onion layers of security

Other Security Layers

We will also ensure the following:

  • vulnerable directories are a protected
  • security is increased for common server daemons (web server, SSH, FTP, DNS, etc.)
  • attack surface area is reduced
  • a web application firewall is installed and configured for Apache (if present)